ABSAR Antigua Barbuda Search and Rescue

Funding & Sponsorship

  • As ABSAR’s call out volume and numbers of emergency responses increase, so do the demands on volunteers that man this invaluable service.
    We are still hoping to build a permanent home for our operations here in Falmouth Harbour. We have the drawings for a new building and are still pursuing permission for a location. If and when approved, we will be moving forward with our plan to build a permanent base of operations that will enable us to have all of our assets under one roof. This will require a significant amount of funding. Our annual operating costs run approximately US$100,000.00 per year. In 2016, we initiated our annual membership program where businesses, individuals and yachts pay an annual membership fee in order to keep our operations going. This new initiative has been instrumental in generating the funds required on an annual basis. Click here to download our membership form and to see our different levels of membership. For those who would like to offer annual services to our organization, we have put together a yearly corporate sponsorship plan.

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Jumby Bay Fund

They are covering ABSAR's fuel cost for the year. ABSAR operates three land based emergency response vehicles and two Rescue Ribs. Thank you Jumby Bay Resort.

The Mill Reef Fund

Their mission is to improve the lives of Antiguans through donations to medical, educational, general welfare and religious institutions. Since 1960, the Mill Reef Fund has distributed over US $9 million in Antigua & Barbuda. Members and friends of the Mill Reef Club give several hundred thousand dollars to the Fund annually.


Antigua Yacht Club Marina

The ABSAR Medical Station and Office is located on the ground floor of the Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort courtesy of the AYC Marina. For many years, Jonathan Cornelius was employed by AYC Marina with the freedom to carry out his search and rescue duties.


Land Rover Premier Motors Antigua



Antigua Yacht Club

Antigua Yacht Club provides ABSAR with a base for our Rescue Boat operations.

Applied Science Associates

They have generously provided a copy of their SARMAP software. This tool will help take the search out of Search And Rescue and enable ABSAR to get on with the rescue.